Jordan Maunder

With a background in English literature, I have always had an overwhelming fondness for really compelling stories. It has become one of the greatest joys of my life to be tasked with telling the most compelling of them all--real life love stories--through a visual medium. Over the past 8 years and 150+ weddings, I have come to truly treasure the gift that it is not only to bear witness to, but to preserve, such defining days in the lives of so many couples. The gravity of this privilege is not lost on me as I approach each wedding with a deep reverence, years of experience, and the levity necessary to create a calm and lighthearted atmosphere.

My Philosophy

You should remember your portrait time just as fondly as the rest of your wedding day...

I believe that honest photographs are made by remaining in touch with what you are experiencing. It is my job to create an atmosphere in which you feel comfortable enough to stay present and tuned in to all of the emotions that will flood you on your wedding day, and then to gently direct you in your movements and affections. The result is a gallery full of images in which you look and feel like the most beautiful version of yourselves.

Beautiful light makes me come alive, and even after 8.5 years of full time photography, I still feel giddy when I’m able to capture it properly. As an incredibly nostalgic and idealistic person, I have always been innately drawn to all of the most romantic and sentimental parts of life. I first felt a pull to express this visually when I was hit with a gut-punch feeling while looking at a wedding photograph in my freshman dorm room: “I need to make that.” I am so thankful to say that it has only intensified since.

When I’m not behind the camera, you can most often find me on a long walk in the woods, listening to the same song 100 times in a row, or letting a cup of tea get cold.