2013: Part 2

Alrighty, time for the rest of my goal setting ( I'm not really a goal-oriented person, so I'm using this exercise as a way to kind of intentionally shape my year, not to develop concrete goals). 

Let's continue, yes? I'm going to skip a few steps here and only focus on some of my answers that I feel may be pertinent to more people. Also, I'm not trying to hold you guys hostage here for hours, so it's best that I narrow things down a bit :)

The next steps are to write down lessons you learned from what did and didn't work last year. I'm only going to share my lessons from what didn't work (because I feel I learned MUCH more from struggling than from succeeding).


1. Stop comparing yourself to others. STOP, STOP, STOP. Be fair to yourself. You are on a different journey, on a different path, and you are a different person. Have high standards for yourself, but only because they come from your core, not from what you see in other people. You are still learning and you are still growing. Your goal is not to be the same as someone else just because that person is successful. Your goal is to become successful because of who you are, and because of what sets you apart from others. 

2. Do not waste your time. Be intentional. Time is the most precious gift you are given, use it wisely. You can never get it back. It is fleeting.

3. Do not be afraid. Seriously, there is nothing to be afraid of. Other people might judge you? Guess what, we're all going to die anyway. (I know that's a little morbid, but sometimes it's a comforting thought when I'm scared to do something. "Death is the great equalizer"). Note to self: This one is hard for you because you like being invisible. You prefer to go unnoticed. You are deathly  afraid of annoying people (it's a crippling fear, y'all), but you will never get anywhere if you go unnoticed. It's kind of counter-productive to try to be invisible as well as successful... it just ain't gonna work. 

After following all of the steps from Lara Casey, (which were immensely helpful) I ended up taking one extra step and writing a note to myself, to which I can refer back later on in the year.  This is the last thing I'm going to share.

Dear Jordan,
This year is going to be scary. For the first time EVER, you genuinely don't know where you'll be in 6 months. There isn't a concrete plan, and there are a lot of questions. You are going to graduate and try to be a grown up! Do you try to find a job? Do you commit to really doing this whole photography thing? WHAT DO YOU DO? Here's what:
Be genuine and as kind as possible 100% of the time. Do what you can when you can.  Do things fearlessly. Work hard (You don't have a husband or kids to pay attention to, NOW is the time to work your butt off, establish yourself, grow roots, cultivate relationships, and do as much as you can for others. Your future self in your future roles will thank you for this once you've created a solid foundation for your business. If you end up not making it, it won't be the end of the world. At least you tried.) Create a healthy lifestyle, in mind, body and spirit. Remember that there are constants in life, and hold on to those as everything in your world is changing. Remember that one of those constants is change, and get excited about that. Go outside more. Cook more, read more, write more. Save your money and invest it wisely in your future. You are in charge of your life, take action. Make sure your heart is constantly filled with gratitude. Do not be quick to anger. There are things you should be doing constantly: praying, giving, listening. Listen to others. Listen to yourself. Listen to God. Do not be anxious about your life. Always remember: "you can only see as far as the headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way." 

Okay one more tidbit, just watch this video:

And commence 2013! (Let's just pretend I'm not 4 days late :)