Fall Afresh

This song.

It played during the processional, and Chris stood at the front of the church, crying, and giving a big and meaningful hug to every single person that walked down the aisle. There was light streaming through the windows and the guitar was soft, and there were sniffles coming from the pews. I could hear Chris trying (unsuccessfully) to take deep breaths and compose himself, but every hug got him right in the feels. There was something tangible  in that room. I don't really know how to describe it, but I felt the weight of a community and a connectivity, and when Kate walked in, I admittedly lost it. I'm surprised I got good shots of her coming down the aisle because I couldn't really see through my tears. 

As I've been editing this wedding, I've had this song playing in the background, and I've actually cried a few times just remembering how sweet it was. It affirms for me why I'm doing this.  

I cannot wait to share the rest of this wedding with you, but there is so much to say, I figured I'd get a little out now.