About OLD


There are many things that make me happy, including but not limited to: Mexican food,  Star Wars, the Blue Ridge Mountains, window light, and the oxford comma. At any given moment you can find me jamming out to The XX, rereading Tiny Beautiful Things, or making a cup of coffee that I won't finish.

I started to fall in love with photography while pursuing an English degree, and quickly learned that the two weren't all that different. I'm happy to say that I still spend most of my time studying communication, expression, story-telling, intricacies… but my focus is now on the visual aspect. I think photography is really a language all it's own. It's how your most important memories will be preserved, even ones you can't quite find words for. 

I am based in Durham, NC, but love to travel and try do so often. The mountains of NC, where I spent my college years, are where I feel most at peace, which is why I have a special place in my heart for mountain weddings. 

I love working with couples and families who are adventurous and in love, and I count it an honor to be invited into their lives. 

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