Hi there!  i'm jordan.

There are many things that make me happy, including, but not limited to: window light, soft breezes, afternoon rainstorms, boarding a plane that's headed for England, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the oxford comma. At any given moment you can find me on a long walk, rereading Tiny Beautiful Things, accidentally letting my cup of tea go cold, or listening to the same song 73 times in a row. 

I was born and raised in North Carolina, and spent my college years studying English in the best part of the state--Boone--where my love of the mountains, and photography, was born. I can't quite describe the feeling I got the first few times I picked up a camera as a clueless college sophomore, but I knew I wanted to keep doing it. 

In the 4 years that I've been photographing weddings, I have eaten countless plates of barbecue, memorized The Wobble, cried many tears during father-daughter dances, and come home from each one with both my memory cards and my heart completely full. 


...when you're watching a great movie scene or reading something heartwarming and you suddenly realize that you've been unintentionally smiling for who knows how long? That's my favorite. And that's the experience that I want you to have each time you look through your wedding gallery. 

My favorite photos usually involve: 

Giant, genuine smiles.   The wind picking up a flowing dress.    Tears.  

Sunlight filtering in through the trees.   People who are having a blast.    Bare feet. 

Interested in working with me? Let's talk! I'm located in Durham, NC, but I relish any opportunity that I have to travel, and I would love to meet you! Head over to my contact page or shoot me an email directly (jordan@jordanmaunder.com).